Community Questions

Busy signal

I called a burner number and all I get is a busy signal. Does that mean the number is burned and not in use?

forward landline to burner number

Is is possible to setup forwarding from a landline to a burner number. I receive lots of cold calls to my landline, and would like to divert them to a different number, but still be able to retrieve voicemails...

area code

We are currently out of the area code 479. I need it for work since I service Walmart. What are the chances i can get that area code soon?

Voicemail Help!

I have two questions... 1.) What is the best way to make calls go directly to voicemail (the one in the app)? Do I need to just turn the ringer off or is there anything else? 2.) I tried another (paid!...

Google verification not working

Just finished suscribing for new number intended for google verification, but got "This number cannot be used for verification" from google. It seems I received a recycled number from you guys.