Community Questions

My paid is very broken.

When I login on the website I get the message "Could not find subscription for userId ". Also.. the app tells me "For some reason we weren't able to renew your subscription even though I ...

New cell phone

I got a new cell number and cant contact burner. Whenever I try to submit help, it says the system thinks my email is spam and to try again. Any solutions???


when I first got my subscription to burner I was on a number that I just recently changed now when I downloaded the app with my new number it's not giving me my subscription that I've already paid for...


The number is counting as a landline and not a mobile number so I can't use it for most things. Is there a way around this?

Harassing texts

I have been getting harassing text messages from dozens of numbers from possibly burners app this goes back for weeks I have literally dozens almost a hundred number is now blocked but they still get through.