Community Questions


i turned this option on when i saw it for the first time. Now its no longer under my settings list any where i cant find it. and now i cant make calls out from my burn number any one else have this problem ??? ...


How do you log into an account? It only ask for an area code and numbers to choose. It did not ask for a password to create this account.

Texting international numbers

I see that you currently only support US/CA/AU, with plans to expand internationally. So from what I understand we can only register an account phone number in those 3 countries, and furthermore I don't b...

Slack Private Channel

Is there a way to post in the Private Slack Channel? - It doesn't see private channels. - I created a public channel and it works. - I then converted to private channel and add the @burnerbot. - Stop...


tried to create a gmail account and use the burner number but it said the number couldn't be used. Is this a known issue? Can I create gmail and social media accounts with my burner?