Community Questions

slack - did something change?

I used to be able to just type "@[last 4] [message]" in slack and it would send. Now, doing that does nothing. I looked at the FAQ and it says to type "/burner [last 4] [message]" but Slac...

Links in Messages

Is there a particular reason why I'm unable to send links via the app. The particular issue appears to happen with https links. Is there a reason that this occurs? Why can't I send a link?

Can't send texts

HI! I sent a text to my burner number and I received it. I replied to it via burner and my phone did not receive a message back.

next tradeshow event

hey guys, love the product and in the messaging industry. do you guys do any of the tradeshows too? would love to talk shop. thanks!


I have been sending pictures but the recipient has not received them at all, is there an easy fix?

Number "sharing" for a business line?

Is it possible to have two people download the app and utilize the same burner number as a shared line? I will be starting a wildlife rehab with another person, and it would be helpful to have the calls ringing...