Community Questions

No Area Codes for My State

I live in Washington State and have tried 206, 360, and 509 and it says there are no numbers available. Is this accurate? I tested the other side of the country with "202" and it assigned me that ...


I receive MMS's to my Burner numbers. However everytime I want to go back to look for them I have to scroll up and its as if Burner redownloads these images from its online server. Is there a way I can sto...

Caller ID

Hi, I found Jessica's response to a caller ID question (listed below), but have a follow-up. On my phone, the incoming call takes priority and until I either answer or dismiss it, I can't actually...

Caller ID

When I call someone, on their phone the Burner number shows as well as a city associated with that number. Is there any way to chance the city on the caller ID? Thanks, Bill

Texting Problem

I have sent 3 texts to different numbers now including one to a friend who says they have never received it. Why are my messages not going through?