Community Questions

Credits vs Premium

I'm trying to simply find a service that will allow me to have a second number for my phone. Does the Premium allow me to do that? I want to be able to use the number like I would my normal number. Th...

Harrassing phone calls

Hi again, I am a burner customer who has been getting threatening phone calls on my burner number. Do you have the ability to trap the call and get an answer as to who is harassing me? Thank you.

burner credits

what happens to your credits if you do not use them all and your number expires? Are they tied to your account so you can re-use them on a new number?

Can't play voicemail

Whenever I try to play a voicemail I get the message "Cannot play voicemail. Error playing the voicemail. Please check your data connection and try again." My data connection is fine, and this ha...

slack - did something change?

I used to be able to just type "@[last 4] [message]" in slack and it would send. Now, doing that does nothing. I looked at the FAQ and it says to type "/burner [last 4] [message]" but Slac...

Links in Messages

Is there a particular reason why I'm unable to send links via the app. The particular issue appears to happen with https links. Is there a reason that this occurs? Why can't I send a link?

Can't send texts

HI! I sent a text to my burner number and I received it. I replied to it via burner and my phone did not receive a message back.