Community Questions


What is the "carrier" for the Burner App? I want to use the burner phone number to sign up for a service that requires my Phone Number and Carrier.

are outgoing calls local?

as i understand from other posts here, when i make an outgoing call using burner, my phone will dial a number to make that call. as i'm in canada, i'm wondering if that call will be local or at least ...

Private Number

Is this in any way traceable by the public in any way. I would like to use on a dating site and do not want it traced to my true phone number

I am not receiving text messages back

I have sent several different text messages to different people, and I am not getting any of their responses back. I dont know what I am doing wrong. I borrowed another phone to text my burner # and I never g...

There is no option to try a sample

Hi, I am not sure if this will work for my needs. I downloaded904 and verified my number because the Play Store and this website said I could try a burner number. However, I have no option for that. My only ...