Community Questions

Number Porting

Can I replace my Burner phone number with a landline phone number that we are currently using but would like to port into the service? I know Sideline offers it. Just wanted to see if you do as well. Thanks!

Live in Canada Burner number is US

Hi. I live in Canada. Can I use US burner number? Am I gonna be charge for long Distance? Sample: my Canadian / User number is (204) 123-4567 and I use US burner number w/c is (707) 098-7654 then I call a US...


I think someone is harrassing me, using your app, can I get the persons name and number who is buying the said phone numbers?

error setting up call forwarding

Went through full process of setting up (and verifying) call forwarding. I wanted to forward to my direct cellular number. But when I try to toggle the call forwarding it gives me an error message. Is this beca...