Community Questions

Texting Problem

I have sent 3 texts to different numbers now including one to a friend who says they have never received it. Why are my messages not going through?

Where did my data go?

I had a burner for 60+ days (something like that), and it had a ton of data in it (texts, phone calls, voice mail, etc.) When it lapsed...all my data went with it... Why can't I see my data? Is it st...

Australia area code

I live in Canada. Can I create burner with Sydney area code to let my relatives call me for free? It would be a local call for them. If yes what area codes are available?

Unable to Receive Calls

It seems than after being inactive for a while there is a slight lag between someone calling my burner number and my phone letting me know there is a call for me. Often it goes to voicemail and I get a notific...

No Notifications at all?

I'm not getting any notifications for text to my burner. Not in the list of burner numbers, not through a regular android notification. I've got the box checked in the app settings and I have notifi...

Call drops 40 Seconds In

The texts work great, but I have not been able to have a conversation using the app for longer then 40 seconds. Incoming and outgoing calls are being dropped every time. What do I need to do to fix this?

Contacts from Burned Number

I had two numbers and this morning burned the wrong one in error. No information was saved as far as contacts on the number, but there were several numbers needed from text messages. Is there any kind of hist...