I cancelled on May 24th however your app still charged me. How can I get this refunded, please?


I choose a number and as soon I was paying screen blanked out. I went back and number was gone


My settings to "forward" my phone are not working. They worked when I set up the phone initially. It's saying my connection is bad but my connection is fine.


So I’m new to “subscription” apps and didn’t know that deleting the app wouldn’t cancel my subscription before the trail was over. I now figured out how to do so but I was charged today which is how i found out...

Message phone number

Just to clarify, will the burner number give that number to the caller and do I receive them in the app? Is it unlimited for $4.99 per month? How do I cancel app?

Swap info

How does a swap work, how many do you get with a subscription, and how much does an additional swap cost?