Upgrade subscription

I have a 1 line subscription on iOS and want to upgrade to a 3 line subscription. I cannot see the upgrade option in the app under manage. Please advise


Your support on cancelling subscription is deceptive and does not allow for cancelling. It does not provide any direction on how to cancel the subscription. There is no link to cancellation.

No ability to cancel account

So is this a scam? Cause when you take cc info, gove no way to cancel, and auto renew cant be turned off and a support email youbreference is broken. Just checkin, cause this screams like a scam...

could not find burner

Hi, i tried sending text messages via burner on Slack and it says Could not find Burner. I read the previous question that has the similar problem but adding burner in the channel still did not work. burner als...


Hello my son recently purchased a one year burner by mistake and I was wondering if I could get a refund?


where on the app do I put in the code you texted me after I purchased it on the computer?