3rd Party Integrations

google voice

Im trying to use a burner number with google voice. Basically, I am attempting to have the GV number forwarded to the burner number, but it seems that Google has some issue with it. GV allowed me to verify the ...

Dark Vs Light message bubbles?

All the texts I send are dark brown message bubbles. Recently, I sent one text, to which I have no reply, and it is light brown, in contrast to the dark brown. Does this mean they have blocked my number? Or ...


Will a Burner number work with Telegram for texting? Does Burner text messaging have it's own messaging application or does it use iMessage on iPhone? Can Burner be secured with a passcode to restrict a...

carrier not supported

I installed the app but it says I don't have a supported carrier. I am on Google Fi. I also never received anything to confirm my email even though the site said it was sent. I check all folders. Thanks!


For pictures that were saved from Burner messages, is it possible to find out which number those pictures were saved from once their in Dropbox?