3rd Party Integrations


Just sent an email about me paying for a subscription, but app is not showing it. I also sent the confirmation. How long will it take for someone to get on this? It's Sunday now, and I'm out of...

Dropbox File Access

I just connected Dropbox to my Burner app. I noticed it is asking for access to all my files and folders. Most apps just ask for access to the "app folder". Why is Burner asking for so much access?

HELP! can't connect to Dropbox

My Burner App will not connect to dropbox. The dropbox side thinks that Burner is linked to it. But, on the Burner side I get an error message. I am using an iPhone 7 with the latest software


Can I use this number with an uber account? Because I've tried many things and uber can't call other burner numbers.

slack could not find burner

We have an integration with burner and slack, which has been working perfectly. Starting this morning when we try to send a burner from our slack channel we get the error "could not find burner". We...