User-to-User Privacy vs. Anonymous Use

Many users want to know if using Burner allows you to use your phone anonymously, and the answer is no. Burner was created to provide user-to-user privacy, meaning that if you call or text someone your primary number is not visible to the person you are communicating with and is not easily traceable.  

Full details can be found in our Terms of Service and/or Privacy policy, but these are the basics:
  • Once a number is burned, it’s not easy for us to figure out much about you or your conversations.
  • We do keep backups of our data and should the records be subpoenaed, we will cooperate with law enforcement. Remember these records are all tied to your primary phone number.
Burner is great if you are trying to protect your phone number from other people. If you are trying to protect your phone number or conversations from the police or equivalent, it’s probably best to seek another solution.