Zapier allows you to trigger actions in other apps. Zapier call these "Zaps."

For example, you can create a push button in Zapier that turns your Burner's ringer on or off with a mouse click in your browser. Or you can hook Burner up to a Google Sheet for a variety of automations.

You can make simple Zaps or complex ones—don't be afraid to be creative! Visit Burner in the Zapbook, or follow these steps to get started. 

How to Use Burner + Zapier

  1. Sign up or Log in to Zapier.
  2. Click the "Make a Zap" button at the top of your Dashboard.
  3. In the box under "Choose a Trigger App", search for the app you want to use as the Trigger. (This would be the event that you want to watch, such as a new Trello card, the start of a calendar event in Google Calendar, changes to a Google Sheet, etc.)
  4. Authorize the app you chose as the Trigger, if you haven't already done so.
  5. In the next step, "Choose an Action App", search for and then click on Burner.
  6. Authorize with Burner.
  7. Choose "Configure Burner" or "Create Outbound Text", the two actions available through Burner's Zapier app.
    1. If you chose "Configure Burner," you would first choose the Burner number you want to use for this Action. You can control the ringer, notifications, and auto-reply to texts.
    2. If you chose "Create Outbound Text," you would first choose the Burner, and then pick a number, text, and optional image of the outbound text you will be sending for this Zap

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