Create A Burner

To create a new Credits Burner, follow these steps: 

  1. From inside the app, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left, which opens your Main Menu.
  2. Tap "Create New Burner".
    1. Note: Australian users will only see an option for a "Text Only Burner".
  3. Tap the button to next to the type of Burner you wish to create.
    1. Don't have enough credits? Learn how to  Buy Credits
  4. Enter a name for your Burner.
  5. Type in an area code to search for numbers. Tap "Find Numbers".
    1. Available phone numbers in the area code you entered will display 10 choices, unless we do not have 10 available.
    2. Nearby number will be displayed when we are out of stock or running low on numbers in the area code you requested.
    3. "We didn’t find any numbers with that area code" will show when we are out of stock on a number, or do not carry it.
  6. Tap the number you wish to create.
    1. A modal will pop up saying “ Your number (xxx) xxx-xxxx will be a (name of your Burner) and will cost (amount of Credits)”
  7. Tap "Create" to create the Burner number (or tap "Cancel" to go back and choose another number).
    1. If a pop up says "Oops, cannot create phone number," that means someone purchased it before you (rarely occurs, but occasionally happens—our purchases process in real-time).
  8. "Burner created ✓" will show briefly, and you will land on your Burner’s Details screen.